Dear EFD Family,

On March 19th, Governor Inslee issued an Executive Order mandating that all non-essential medical and dental services be placed on hold immediately until resolution of the current environment. The reason is to help reallocate all necessary medical supplies to facilities with increased hospitalizations during this time. We are proud to help support our medical professionals fighting the effects of COVID19, and will continue to do so. The exact date at which we will return is unknown, but may extend up to May 18th, 2020. We will be open and at full capacity upon the clearance by the State of Washington.

Each of our offices and Doctors will see all emergency patients as related to the relief of pain and management of infection. Please call the office you regularly visit, leave a message or call the emergency cell phone listed on each office’s voicemail. Again, we will be treating dental emergencies in support of the overall health of our patients and community.

If you are not a patient of record and experiencing a dental emergency or would like to discuss your dental concerns, please call the offices you would like to be seen and either leave a message or call the emergency cell number listed on the voicemail.

If you are not a patient of record and would like to set up a “routine visit,” please call the office of our choice and leave a message. We will be in touch with you within a week to discuss a plan for you moving forward.

During this time, we will have partial administrative capacity to help reschedule appointments. If you have an appointment scheduled during this closure, we will contact you to reschedule your appointment before we re-open for routine care. Each office will also be checking messages and returning phone calls. In order to help maintain the health of all our patients affected by this time, we will be opening up more days and hours in the future to accommodate everyone. Your health continues to be our top priority. We hope everyone is staying healthy during this unusual time.

Please know that we are still here for you. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Woodinville Office / Keagan Eckland
Keagan Eckland DDS
Daryl Eckland DDS Phone Number
or [email protected]

Redmond Office / Colby Eckland
Colby Eckland DDS Phone Number 425-885-1873 / [email protected]

Redmond Office / Kale Eckland
Kale Eckland DDS Phone Number 425-979-4430 or [email protected]

Everett Office / Kale Eckland
Kale Eckland DDS Phone Number 425-259-6551 or [email protected]

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, as we are fully committed to global health, the health of our community and getting through this together.

Thank you from all of us at Eckland Family Dentistry. We appreciate all of you and wish everyone the best during this time.

Keagan, Colby, Kale & All Staff