Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I hadnt been to the dentist in 8 years, and I was COMPLETELY dreading getting into the dentist (as I knew my dental team would have a challenge on their hands) I had mentioned that my teeth were not in the best shape due to poor eating habits and health issues that wreak havoc on my teeth. I was almost prepared to hear the worst at my appointment but everyone made sure they were going to do everything they could to make sure I wouldn't have a scary experience. The appointment definitely surpassed my expectations and really impressed me. Carly was BEYOND careful with the exam and made sure that I was not in any distress. I have routine cleanings every 2 months (to get back on track from my 8 year hiatus) but I don't mind at all, they do such a great job that I really don't mind my dentist visits. I will definitely be staying with the Eckland family for my dental care. I couldn't imagine finding another office that lives up to my expectations as well as they do.

- Megan K

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